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More than social media, it’s a lifestyle

myLifePool ONLINE – Your online community

Welcome to myLifePool – An exciting and innovative way of connecting with like-minded people whilst supporting local businesses and saving money!   

Why not join us today and start building your own online and offline community with myLifePool?    


myLifePool Market Place – Buying, selling and gifting items

‘Pool it!’ or ‘Sell it!’  The choice is yours.  myLifePool’s Market Place section is a useful feature to sell or give away unwanted items.  Just scroll down the categories and grab yourself a bargain!

myLifePool PROS

We aim to offer Positive Respectful Openminded Support and these values are at the foundation of the myLifePool membership system. We require all myLifePool members to nurture and hold these values at the core of their interaction with others, always treating members with respect, sensitivity and tolerance.

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