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For all of you fantastic parents that are parenting ‘solo’

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A common question we get asked is, what is myLifePool?​

Well, myLifePool is a community where you can find and connect with other poeple in the same community as you. You can find other members with similar interests as you as well as being in similar circumstances as you may be.

This can be you are a parent with new or young children, someone who has just moved to the area and looking for resources and connections through to people who may be getting to that stage of life where they have more free time and would like to give back to their community, myLifePool can help you all.

One of myLifePool’s other aims is to support local, we have teamed up with over 100 local businesses, retailers and services to provide myLifePool members a wide range of offers and discount. From money off food and rink at restaurants, discounts on kid classes to savings on getting your appliances repaired and fruit delivered to your door.

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