Community Partner Pack

Thank you for showing an interest incoming on board as a preferred partner with myLifePool (mLP).

We create partnerships with local businesses as we believe that the services they provide offer a valuable and worthwhile service of benefit to our members.

Our goal is to create a triangle of mutual benefit and loyalty between myLifePool, your business and our members through our triangle of loyalty we aim to build relationships that support local businesses, empowering SME’s to have a voice in community connecting local businesses for mutual support.

Offer Guidelines

The intention of the special offer or discount promotion is to drive business to you and for our members to become your loyal and valued customers. This system will only be effective if the offer is attractive, appealing and competitive to other businesses in the same genre as your own. Therefore, it is in your interest to make that special offer or discount as valuable and exclusive as you are able.

Whilst we are unable to offer total exclusivity and will not turn away any valuable promotions to our members, we aim to be loyal to all our local partners that provide appealing incentives and want to work with us. We take time where we can, to work with our preferred partners to contribute to creating opportunities to introduce our members to their business through social or educational events or services.

The cost to you

We don’t charge businesses to become part of a myLifePool but we do ask that you or an individual from your business become a member. We have found that the businesses that thrive through partnering with myLifePool other businesses that understand the community by becoming a member.

The membership is only £1 per week which also gives you personal access to discounts with over 160 local businesses so you to easily make your £1 investment back and see a return whilst also supporting other local businesses which in turn boosts our local economy and helps to regenerate our High Streets.

Tell your staff

It is very important that you communicate the offer to all your staff to avoid disappointment or negative feedback from our members.

Proof of myLifePool membership

The myLifePool membership system provides our members with a virtual membership card which displays their membership profile picture, their name and the month that they have paid subscription for. They can show their virtual membership card via their online profile, a screenshot picture of it on their mobile phone or alternatively they can print it out and show you a paper copy.

It is the responsibility of the myLifePool member to provide you with this identification in order to obtain their discount and without it, you must refuse.

It is the responsibility of the myLifePool member to provide you with this identification in order to obtain their discount and without it, you must refuse.

Research on spending by local authorities shows that for every £1 spent with local businesses 63p stayed in the local economy.

Bespoke POS Marketing

We are able to provide POS marketing and can tailor this to your business as required. This could include a poster with your logo and bespoke offer to put on display in your window, or a small laminated card to attach to your till that states you are a myLifePool partner – the choice is yours.

Changing or Terminating Your Offer

If you choose to change your offer or terminate your relationship with myLifePool, we will require a minimum of 72 hours of notice. This must be done in writing to This allows our administration team enough time to communicate the change to our members and to maintain goodwill between us all.

Negative Experiences

This can be a tricky one. We can all experience negativity from time to time and it can be frustrating and hurtful. However, at myLifePool we aim to deal with it positively, by working together to understand why a negative experience has occurred. We believe that by being understanding and non-judgmental, we can work together to use a negative experience to instigate a positive change, something that strengthens relationships, rather than damages them and improves future experiences for everyone.

We actively encourage our members to get in touch with us if they have experienced an issue with one of our partners, giving us the opportunity to investigate it and work with you to rectify it.

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